Why Soy Wax ?

Why Are Soy Candles Better than Regular Paraffin Wax Candles?​
Why are soy candles are  the better option over the regular paraffin candles?  What is so great about them? The reason why many people have decided to go the soy way when purchasing candles and wax melts is simple- these candles are natural, safe for use and made from renewable resources.
 Here are  some convincing reasons why Dakota Light soy candles are better than regular paraffin wax candles:
Dakota Light Soy candles are made from 100% natural soy wax
The soy wax we use in our products are made purely from soybeans, while paraffin candles are manufactured using petroleum oil. Soy wax candles do not contribute to the CO2 emission compared to their paraffin counterparts. They also do not need chemicals to give them a pleasing scent.
Soy Candles burn longer
If you have purchased paraffin candles in the past but changed to soy candles, one thing you must have noticed is that the soy options tend to burn twice as long. For instance, soy tealights burn for about 7 to 8 hours. Now compare this duration to a normal paraffin tealight, which burns for just 4 hours at most. Soy wax has been proven to have an incredibly low melting point, making it to burn longer than paraffin wax.
Soy candles are non-toxic
Since the wax is made purely from Soybean oil, it produces almost no soot. It also does not release carcinogens as well. Now compared to paraffin wax, these candles are healthier for both humans and pets. They are environmental friendly in every way.  Better yet, soy wax is easier to clean. All you have to do is use some soap and water and all the wax spilled will come out!
Soy candles have a pleasant scent
Soy candles have a scent that is not only stronger but also more pleasant compared to paraffin wax candles. Some people have reported having a headache because of the scent that’s produced by paraffin candles. This is not the case with soy counterparts. Because soy wax burns clean, the candles have a much cleaner aroma.
Soy candles may cost a few more bucks than the paraffin options but they are worth every penny.  Compared to paraffin candles, they come with many benefits that we could all use. Besides the fact that they are all-natural and safe to use, they also burn longer and don’t produce toxic materials to the environment. Always consider these candles as a better option and you will be glad you did!
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